We invite you to join us on a magical journey of self discovery ​​to experience the 
​multidimensional aspects of your being: ​Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. 
​Step into your power and realise your true divine nature. The potential for self healing,
​evolution and fulfilment is​ infinite and ultimately directed by your free will.​​​​

​We offer you our wings, so you to view your ​life experience from a higher perspective and 
​recognise the magnitude of your unlimited nature. ​​​​

We offer you tools to transform ​​your heart song – your soul purpose – ​into your daily reality
​and encourage you to live your dream in joy and abundance.​​

The 9

Meeting the 9 is possible by booking a session: Individual or Group Sessions are available by appointment. 

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​”My experience of The 9 is that they speak to me with compassion and humour – an irresistible combination!”

Ann Richardson TV Producer and Transpersonal Psychotherapist

“I felt great warmth and a generous energy all around me. I was incredibly comfortable and found the experience enlightening, full of love and wisdom and most importantly, true to my heart.

Indhu Rubisingham Theatre Director